Products for Totally Integrated Automation
SINAMICS Converters for Single-Axis Drives Built-In Units
SINAMICS S200 Servo drive system
SINAMICS Converters for Single-Axis Drives SINAMICS G120X infrastructure converters for HVAC/Water/Wastewater
SIMATIC MICRO-DRIVE Drive system for safety extra low-voltage
SINAMICS Converters for Single-Axis Drives Distributed Converters
Human Machine Interface Systems/PC-based Automation
Your One-Stop Shop for process instrumentation, process analytics and weighing technology
SIMATIC S7 Safety Matrix The Management Tool for all Phases of the Safety Lifecycle
SITRANS FS230 ultrasonic flowmeter
Continuous level measurement Guided wave radar transmitters SITRANS LG series
Point level measurement Vibrating switches SITRANS LVL200
Pressure transmitters for applications with advanced requirements (Advanced) SITRANS P320/420
Temperature transmitters Field transmitters/field indicator SITRANS TF320 (HART, universal)